Florida’s long term care workforce is facing a labor crisis, with workforce levels at the lowest they've been since 1994.

With an increasing aging population, the need for investments and tailored, supportive policies to address who will care for Florida’s elders has never been more critical.
95% of nursing home operators find it challenging to recruit and retain staff.
Each day, more than 1,200 individuals are moving to Florida, meanwhile our long-term care centers are facing a severe and growing workforce shortage gap. As Florida’s aging population continues to grow, we ask...
Who will care, Florida?
55% of facilities are having to turn away prospective residents or patients. Get the Facts
Florida's aging population
Florida needs more nurses and long-term caregivers

Increasing labor costs and inflation have left nursing centers with little resources to make additional investments in their staff and compete for workers. According to the FHCA survey, nursing centers are experiencing the following:
Long-term care providers need assistance
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